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How soon will i have access?

Mostly as soon as payment is done and in rare cases within 24 hours, our standard timeline is within 24 hours. If you need help email at admin@boom360trader.com. Activation for alerts on your email takes 24 hours subject to Deliverability.

How many alerts per week can I expect?

The markets are conditional and always changing there is no specific number of alerts. there could be weeks with 10 trades and there could be weeks with only a couple.

Will I be able to contact 360Trader with this program?

Due to extreme demand, it’s inconceivable for 360 trader to be able to handle the volume of questions. For those who want direct contact please enroll in our 360 Elite Trading Course

What if i do not receive alerts?

Please make sure to add alerts@boom360trader.com to your mailbox whitelist and never mark 360trader’s email as a spam.

are 360 Elite Trifecta Trading Alerts 24*7?

360 Email Alerts can be sent out at anytime, however normally during the daytime hours of CST. Many of these alerts are trade setups that are still developing and are on watch for entry.

What if I opened the Trading alert email late?

Most of the trade alerts are setups that have not activated yet or have multiple entry strategies therefore giving plenty of time to enter the Trade in time.