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We send 360 Elite Trading Alerts on your email (email address used to sign up), If you wish to get alerts on your email we suggest not to use following email providers: Yahoo Mail, Outlook (MSN, Hotmail, Live), me.com emails, iCloud, Private Domains (.edu, you@yourbusiness.com, you@yourname.com etc.) these email providers are bouncing our emails, we only recommend using Gmail address to sign if you wish to receive our emails, most emails from us are delivered to “Promotions” in your Gmail mailbox. You can turn on twitter notifications from @360_trader to get new trade alert notifications from 360, we only recommend accessing Alerts in your account by logging in at learn.boom360trader.com. We are not responsible for email deliveries nor we can guarantee the delivery of all email as it is depending on your email providers so we do not recommend depending on emails.


Why do i need the 360 Elite Trading Course?

360 Elite Trading Course is designed to help you learn Trading in 5 weeks which comes with personal interaction with 360Trader himself!

Will the training be different than YouTube?

Yes! The 360 Trader Elite Trading Course is much more involved, focused and streamlined to take you from beginner to advanced in a progressive manner.

Can i contact 360Trader as soon as i subscribe?

No, Your contact begins on your course commencement date however you will begin receiving 360 Elite Trading Alerts.

What is course material?

360 Elite Trading Course includes Basic & Advanced Chart reading, Price Action Analysis, Trade Strategies, setups, Entry/Exit and so much more!

When will my course begin?

Mostly as soon as payment is done and in rare cases within 24 hours, our standard timeline is within 24 hours. If you need help email at admin@boom360trader.com. Activation for alerts on your email takes 24 hours subject to Deliverability

What time do i need to attend my training session?

Training sessions are prerecorded which allows you to attend the session at your leisure based off of your schedule.